The Gold-Bug

Edgar Allan Poe

William Legrand is an eccentric hermit who lives on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, with his faithful servant Jupiter. One day, he finds a golden scarab-like bug with a strange fluorescence emanating from its surface. Driven by intuition, Legrand decides to draw the bug on an old parchment recovered from a shipwreck. But when he exposes the parchment to the heat of the fire, something extraordinary happens: the drawing of the bug transforms into a human skull, revealing a cipher written in invisible ink that indicates the location of a fabulous hidden treasure. With the help of his friend the narrator and Jupiter, Legrand embarks on a race against time and logic to decipher the code and discover the treasure. Will he succeed in his quest for the treasure?

A gripping and suspenseful story, “The Gold-Bug” is a work of great literary and historical value, published in 1843. It is considered one of the first examples of cryptographic literature, as it describes in detail the process of deciphering a monoalphabetic substitution cipher. Poe, a master of the Gothic and the mysterious, was inspired by his own stay on Sullivan’s Island to create an evocative and fascinating setting for the story. The story, with its intricate plot and memorable characters, helped to spread cryptography to the general public and has fascinated generations of readers, genre enthusiasts, and puzzle lovers.
The Gold-Bug remains a relevant and captivating work today, with its blend of mystery, adventure, and intellect.

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«This IS a strange scarabaeus, I must confess; new to me; never saw anything like it before—unless it was a skull, or a death’s head, which it more nearly resembles than anything else that has come under MY observation...»
Edgar Allan Poe
da "The Gold-Bug"
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